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What are gutter guards? Everything you need to know about protecting your home gutters

This style costs between $8 and $15 per linear foot and may be hard to come by. Finally, V-style gutters are typically custom built to a home, often in wood. This means they come at a high price point of $9 to $32 per linear foot. Among these various styles, gutters come in 4-, 5-, and 6-inch widths, and some are adjustable. Geographic location is also an important factor that influences seamless gutter installation costs. Areas that experience heavy rainfall need wider gutters, which will increase the cost of the installation project. Homes in colder climates may need heat tape and other heavy-duty materials to prevent ice dams from forming in the gutters.

Get to know the five types of gutter guards

However, aluminum and vinyl may be better choices for cost-conscious homeowners. These lightweight options are suitable for DIY installation and can be easily painted to match the color of your home. Galvanized steel is the lighter and less expensive of the two.

Contemporary-looking gutters on a historic home can appear out of place, and some traditional styles have practical benefits as well. In this guide, we’ll examine the half-round gutter profile and its benefits and drawbacks to help you decide whether it’s right for your home. A professional gutter company will take care of the entire installation, from cutting the seamless gutters to placing the last end cap. Hiring a professional is quicker and more efficient than installing gutters yourself. Plus, you get the assurance of long-lasting warranties and higher-quality results backed by expertise. Seamless gutter professionals cut your gutters on-site to fit your home, so you can’t buy seamless gutter guards in-store. However, you may be able to install your seamless gutters yourself after they have been constructed.

Required Maintenance

Wider gutters — like 7-inch gutters or even 8-inch gutters — can also provide better drainage. These are typically only available via custom order, but they can be great for areas with heavy downpours. While this type of gutter creates a distinctive look that might be more in sync with your home’s style, it’s also more prone to deterioration and rot. Before installing new gutters, it’s helpful to measure your roof, including the pitch, width, and length. Doing so will help you estimate your costs and budget for this project.

They can protect your gutter system against damage and save you trouble and money on gutter cleaning costs. There are many types of leaf guards, and it’s worth doing the research on what kind is best for the type of debris and foliage your gutters typically collect. If you don’t have foliage, or your trees are not mature, you may not need gutter guards. For homes with a lot of trees, it saves a lot of time and effort in frequent cleanings.

These gutters typically have a lifespan of about 10 to 20 years, depending on the level of care and maintenance frequency. Most seamless gutters are made of metal — 80% are aluminum, so the price is higher than vinyl. Depending on the material you choose and the complexity of the installation, seamless gutters average $870–$5000. Below are some questions to ask about seamless gutters cost and the installation process. Seamless gutters cost more to install than traditional sectional gutters. However, we believe their longevity, durability, enhanced curb appeal, and other advantages are worth the additional cost. Using materials such as zinc or copper will raise the cost of your project.

With that said, you can still expect to enjoy about 20 years’ worth of use out of vinyl gutters in a climate that isn’t too harsh. Another drawback to consider is that this material will fade over time, especially when exposed to frequent direct sunlight. European gutters are also known for being durable in extreme conditions, as many are made from steel, zinc, thicker aluminum, and the above-mentioned copper. The main reason that homeowners choose European style gutters over other alternatives has to do with aesthetics – especially when you opt for the wildly popular copper variety. Copper is a very common material used in the construction of euro-gutters. These gutters offer a distinctive look from the moment they are first installed with their penny gloss, to when they start to wear and display that famous copper patina.

Professionally installed gutters also typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty and workmanship guarantee. Gutter guards can keep your gutters free and let them do their jobs to keep rainwater flowing away from your home. This also means no water damage when you have effectively working gutter guards. The cost of professional gutter installation varies geographically but averages $10 per linear foot. Materials and labor for 100 to 200 feet of gutter average $900–$2500. Expect to pay more for multi-level homes — $1150 for one-story homes and $2000 for two or more.

The flat back allows you to nail the gutter directly to the board, without the need for brackets or hangers. Perhaps the biggest draw for these types of gutters is their decorative front side, which looks similar to crown molding. In fact, many homeowners enjoy the look of these types of gutters.

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