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Types of Korea Translation Agencies

There are several types of Korean translation agencies available in the country. The translation support services of these agencies range from translation and localization of Korean literature to language courses. The average amount of translation support performed is about 5 million won (paid in installments). This number includes the following genres: poems and essays, children’s books, humanities, society (classical), and modern works. Also, these companies focus on translation promotion and publishing of Korean literature.


If you need to translate your content into Korean, you can count on Pangeanic’s reliable services. The agency’s translation services cover more than 50 language pairs. They use the latest computer-assisted translation tools to produce professional results. Their translators have years of experience in translating Korean materials. They can also assist you with interpreting or localizing legal documents and other business correspondence. If you need a translation of your business contract, Pangeanic is the agency for you.

LA Translation and Interpretation

LA Translation and Interpretation, Inc. is a Korea translation agency headquartered in Los Angeles with branches in New York City and Seoul. This language translation agency is run by an experienced Korean court certified interpreter. The company began as a training program for certified interpreters and has an excellent pool of qualified translators. If you’re planning to travel to South Korea, this is a great place to find a Korean-English translation.

LTI Korea

If you have written an original Korean work and would like to have it translated into English, you should submit a sample translation of 80 A4 pages and 30 poems. If your application is selected, you will be required to translate an additional sixty A4 pages and 20 poems. The translated manuscript will be sent to overseas publishers along with a publication grant. The grant will be paid in two installments after it is evaluated. Once the project is finished, the translated manuscript will be sent to literary agencies and overseas publishers. LTI Korea will then provide translation grants for the rest of the work.


A legal document in another language is important for successful legal proceedings. An expert translator is critical to the proper presentation of documents. Languex Korea translation agency employs expert translators and provides legal translation services to corporations, law firms, and individuals. Legal translation is the translation of a language used for legal purposes, and involves the use of legal terminology and standards. This type of translation service is crucial for many reasons. Below are a few of the benefits of hiring a professional translator.


KRF Korea translation services are available for a variety of languages. The English-language website of the NRF is informative. The organization’s history can be viewed at Archived from the original on 2006-01-17. The company also offers a variety of other services, including translations of legal documents, patents, and patent applications. There are a number of benefits to working with an NRF Korea translation agency, including cost savings and higher quality translations.