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Trips to Mongolia and Tibet: how to plan a Mongolia and Tibet trip

I limit all of my trips to 8 people so that each group is intimate and I’m still able to add special touches, introduce some of my local friends, and incorporate small surprises throughout each trip. You never know when the country’s most famous calligraphist is going to feel inspired enough to draw something for everyone in his studio or a detour to watch a mounted archery training is in the works.

The Mongols are very generous and modest people and they always open their doors for guests. Top 3 Xilingol tours chosen by most customers to explore Xilingol in the best way. From Chifeng, you can drive or book a private car service to Xilingol in about 4.5 hours. We are the pioneer of Tibet tourism for global tourists, since 1984! Contact Tibet Vista for timely, professional travel advice. Summer is the peak season for tourism in Tibet, as well as being the monsoon season.

Taxies may be good choices for your first or last day, when you are in the city area and want some leisure tours before your departure flight. However, seldom of the visitors ride a taxi to get to the grassland area, which is expensive and may be not available. In the downtown areas of the cities and banners in Xilingol, like Xilin Hot City, Erenhot City and Zhenglan Banner, you can ask a taxi to go around. It is closer to Beijing and is mostly famous for the amazing Hexigten Global Geopark and Ulanbutong Grassland. If you are looking for a unique tour to some secluded tourist sites in Inner Mongolia, visiting Chifeng and Xilingol together is a good idea. It is usually also a popular choice for some foreign Beijingers to enjoy weekend escapes. Because the spring and autumn seasons in Mongolia are very short, often only seeming to last a few weeks, it is one place where it can actually feel like there are only two seasons.

Alternative Gobi Desert Itinerary

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Nearly anyone who comes to travel in Mongolia does can plan to visit the Gobi desert. Hohhot has about 16 flights a day to Xilin Hot City of Xilingol. Taking a flight is a good way to visit the grassland and UNESCO World Heritage site in Xilingol after the visit of the desert and museum in and near Hohhot. Besides the flights, you can also drive or book a private car service to Xilingol. One takes you to Zhangjiakou City in Hubei Province first, and then passes Taipusi Banner, etc. The other way will get to Fengning County in Chengde City first, and then passes Zhenglan Banner and more before arriving at Xilingol. The driving trips of the two ways take about 8 hours or so.

Honestly, it is out of this world, and it somewhat reminded us of landscapes that are so unrealistic that you would see them in a cartoon. Most people choose to do a 7 to 10 day tour as this allows enough time to get outside of the immediate vicinity around Ulaan Batar, but is still not too time consuming. If you’re hoping to see more of the country you’ll need at least two or three weeks. It may be more challenging to find others to join your tour if you go for this longer time period, but it will be well worth the effort as you will see so much more.

Xilingol Tours

These include the world’s longest horse race, lasting 1,000 kilometers. With three days or less, the best option is to limit your Mongolia itinerary to a single destination. Located in the valley of the Tuul River, the capital provides a great introduction to Mongolian culture. And if you follow the above-mentioned Mongolia travel guide, you’ll experience some of the best the Land of the Blue Sky has to offer. When visiting Mongolia — or anywhere else in the world — it’s wise to get travel insurance. Hospitality is deeply rooted in Mongolian culture, and locals are typically friendly and welcoming to all tourists, including Americans.

Mongolian Shamanism: What to Know and How to Visit One

Please keep in mind that if you want to get Mongolian visa on arrival, you have to enter the country only by air at Chinggis Khan Airport, not any other border point of entry to Mongolia. Except for Chinggis Khan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, there are several border crossings to China and Russia which is available by train or car. After your trip in Mongolia, if you want to go your next destination by crossing to China or Russia, you should choose bigger border points for your successful exit and enter. The biggest borders points are road & train crossing to China at Zamin Uud, the road crossings to Russia at Altanbulag and the train crossing to Russia at Sukhbaatar. Planning your ideal trip to Mongolia, while often time-consuming, is incredibly rewarding and fun. The secret to a successful trip itinerary lies in careful methodical planning which anyone can achieve, however daunting the prospect may seem at first. There can be a myriad of questions that arise regarding what to do and in which order, stemming from how to juggle bookings and where to even start.