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How to use the SDD Master to degauss hard drives securely Verity Systems

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And when we had to destroy our old classified 9 track tapes, we had to cut them into strips and wrap in newspaper before shredding, otherwise the tapes could melt and stick inside the industrial shredder. The idea that physically destroying a hard disk renders data secure is a common fallacy in the business world. Yes, if you shred, drill through or crush a hard disk, an average person won’t get information from it. Data forensics units or similar specialists can get information from an apparently dead drive. In cases of industrial espionage the information is often valuable enough to be worth the effort. Organizations cannot simply reformat drives, physically destroy them and move on.

Everything You Need To Know About Hard Drive Destruction

Using a tool like CCleaner’s “Drive Wiper”, securely erase unused space on your hard disk. The process starts by deleting your data files and uninstalling all the programs you’ve used or added and don’t want to be part of the machine when it’s reused by someone else. I need to see if our shredding company offers this, after a DBAN nuke I would be more than satisfied that the hard disks where unrecoverable. I have an old hard disk from about 3 years ago that started giving errors and now sits in a draw in my desk. It has some confidential data on it but it’s unlikely that it can be read because the disk started to go bad.

Which I find odd, but I see referenced too many times to discount. Done properly that should completely remove all user data on the drive. So using the ‘try it’ option you can use the linux drive tools to format the drive. Run dban, or a full format of the drive, as outlined in the article. If you wipe your internal drives , you’ll be safe.

Do You Want to Learn More About Degaussing?

Comments that don’t add value will be removed, including off-topic or content-free comments, or comments that look even a little bit like spam. All comments containing links and certain keywords will be moderated before publication. No one seems to have mentioned the Windows license. If you give away a PC with Windows installed, you’re giving away your Windows license as well & will need to purchase a new license. BTW, I thought the TOS for Windows said it was not transferable.

Per the comments, this might be because simple magnets don’t offer the rapidly oscillating magnetic field that the commercial degaussers do. However, degaussers simplify the data destruction process and increase the volume of devices that can be destroyed over time. Hard disk degaussingprovides a major edge over physical destruction alone in hard drive disposal, and is the only truly effective way to wipe a hard drivewhen done in combination with crushing. To start the machine, press the “Start” button on the control panel after lifting the perspex lid and placing the media in the caddie. A strong pulse discharge activates the magnetic field inside the degausser when media is introduced there. A further two magnetic discharges are administered while the medium is rotating automatically inside the degausser, guaranteeing complete erasure.

Is there an eco-friendly approach to disposing of end-of-life hard drives?

Suppressing all accounts excepe for the administrator account is good, but could not be enough. It’s important to NOT preserve the content of any of the deleted accounts. The option to preserve or not is offered each time you delete any account. AND, to be doubly safe, just WIPE WIPE WIPE the whole drive, and then do a clean windows 10 install. I have used Revo Uninstaller for years, and love it. It is the only program I have used that finds Registry entries, and safely deletes them along with the program you no longer want.

Wiping free space may be needed, precisely because the operating system never goes there, despite there being remnants of officially “erased” files. I think that’s what he means by “the most serious setting”. Unless you have some seriously sensitive data, three passes should be more than sufficient. The cost of restoring the data from a drive wiped with even one pass would be in the thousands of dollars. I once worked at a Medical Device Manufacturer who sold PCMCIA Hard-drives for storage of ECG data. Occassionally a defective drive would come back with patient data.

Read more about Nsa listed degausser here.

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