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How To Start A Pet Supply Franchise: Initial Costs And Considerations

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PetValu will begin to wind down its operations in the United States, including the closure of all of its 358 stores. Pet Supplies Plus, in December, said it would acquire 40 of these stores and operate them under their own names. The prices for these seem to be the same across the board, as well, no matter your location, what kind of dog you’re bringing in, or the type of coat they have. Add-on packages range from $15–$30, while individual add-on treatments range from $2–$20.

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Because you’ll be competing with your area’s biggest pet supply chain, you’ll need to make sure you’re fully stocked. This means you’ll need to be well-equipped with food, toys, and care products for all pets. Fortunately, you can buy wholesale goods—rather than raw materials. For example, 50 lbs of dog food will cost between $29 and $49. Wholesale cat food, meanwhile, costs between $9 and $13 for a five-ounce case of 32 servings. As for toys and other supplies, average pet supply store products—purchased wholesale—cost between $5 for small-animal items and about $50 for larger items, like fish tanks. If you want to provide supplies for specialty animal care, you can.

So, find out events in your cities that will be helpful for promoting your business. If you want to adapt the dropshipping model, you will need a supplier or manufacturer who will deliver the desired things to the customer. You need to have a trusted supplier in place, apart from ensuring an uninterrupted supply of genuine products and timely delivery. This is a low-risk business method where you do not have to keep any inventory.

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Change your pricing strategy to price these goods competitively. Once you’ve achieved a market advantage on food, move into other essential items, like grooming products and vitamins. You can also eventually add services like adoption, grooming, and a veterinary clinic. Much of a pet supply store’s revenue is generated from the sale of goods—primarily food. As one of a pet owner’s only locations for food, a pet store receives continuous purchases. Pet supply store owners can expect return visits every couple of weeks. Many supplies pet owners purchase will need to be replenished over time.

You’ll have to pick and choose your market based on your budget and your anticipated sales. Looking at what other pet stores or manufacturers’ retail prices will give you a point of reference.