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How To Find The Best Chimney Repair Services Near Me

Various types of fireplaces have different types of chimneys, which may require different methods of cleaning. The most common types of fireplaces are gas, pellet, wood-burning, and wood. Gas fireplace chimneys are often the cheapest to clean at around $85 to $250, and some gas fireplaces don’t have chimneys at all. Wood-burning fireplaces have some of the highest chimney sweep costs at $300 to $1,000. Grab your brightest flashlight and a fireplace poker and lean into the firebox. Shine your light into the smoke chamber and flue and use the poker to scratch the surface.

Find the best local pros and compare multiple quotes for your chimney or fireplace project. Roofs with acutely high peaks or steep pitches make access to the chimney more difficult and dangerous, leading to higher costs.

Mortar Repair

In England, politician George Lomax persuades Lord Caterham to host a house party at Chimneys. I purchased the house a couple of years ago and was unsure when it was last looked at. Fast, courteous, on-time service by a seasoned professional who didn’t do the hard sell, just informed us of the condition of our more than … We are one of the only chimney companies in the metropolitan area licensed by WSSC. This license is required to perform service on or reline gas appliances.

As wood burns, it leaves soot and creosote on the chimney walls. According to Angi, the best chimney cleaning services typically charge between $130 and $380, and the national average cost of a chimney sweep is $255. When you hire an inspector, this professional may find some common chimney problems that need fixing. A buildup of creosote is common, requiring the cleaning services of a chimney sweep.

Chimney Sweep Cost by Type of Fireplace

While repointing and tuckpointing are technically different, they’re often lumped into the same service. Talk to a fireplace contractor near you for an estimate on repointing or tuckpointing your chimney. Even if the chimney seems to be operating just fine, it’s recommended to schedule regular maintenance to have it cleaned and inspected at least once a year. For homeowners that use their fireplaces often, it’s wise to schedule more frequent service. Most homeowners choose to call in a chimney sweep, especially if the chimney has not been cleaned in a long time.

Inspectors may need to put holes in walls or may need to remove portions of the chimney structure to inspect certain areas. If so, you’ll pay a price near the top of the cost range because repairs will be necessary. Removing a chimney stack is a long process because it must be done brick by brick.

If the masonry fireplace in your house is one of those elegantly and stylishly constructed types, chances are that it will have an excellent resale value. Most houses in today’s time have chimneys and fireplaces installed within them in order to keep the house warm and comfortable, especially during the winter season.

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Creosote is a gaseous byproduct that is produced when burning wood, coal, pellets, or oil. These gases rise through the chimney and coat the inside of the liner in the process. For instance, removing a wood-burning masonry fireplace means you’ll need to install structural supports for the flue that is left behind, unless it’s a total chimney removal. Removing a wood-burning stove, however, is much easier and more affordable. A masonry chimney with a wood-burning fireplace costs $150 to $375 for an average cleaning. This price applies for a brick or stone chimney with one main flue in a one-story home with easy roof access.