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How Men and Women Experience Autism Differently

‘False belief’ tasks, in which subjects were tested to see if they could predict the thoughts of others, were employed to test this theory. In many trials, these tests were used to compare autistic children with control children that had low language abilities or low IQ levels (Leslie and Frith, 1988; Perner et al., 1989). These study designs were very similar to those used by Hermelin and O’Connor who had used ‘retarded’ or ‘mentally deficient’ children as controls. The description of autism as a ‘theory of mind’ deficit does not exclude subjects who may have good vocabulary, syntax, phonology and rote language. Their only failure relates to their ability to think of the mental states of others. The basic problem which Anthony, Klein, Isaacs and Creak sought to address from the late 1920s to the late 1950s was that of the infant’s developing relationship to reality. All of these UK-based theorists assumed that hallucinatory thinking preceded the establishment of relationships with other objects or individuals.

Non-synaptic function of the autism spectrum disorder-associated gene SYNGAP1 in cortical neurogenesis

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The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-5-TR), released in 2022, is the current version of the DSM. It is the predominant mental health diagnostic system used in the United States and Canada, and is often used in Anglophone countries. While the DSM and ICD greatly influence each other, there are also differences. For example, Rett syndrome was included in ASD in the DSM-5, but in the ICD-11 it was excluded and placed in the chapter on Developmental Anomalies.

Autistic people can be born to wonderful parents as well as terrible ones. Many parents love their autistic children dearly.On the flip side, autism will not be erased by the efforts of a “warrior parent,” a parent who pours all their energy into various therapies and treatments.

The 1959 Mental Health Act, epidemiology and the radical transformation of the concept of autism

The prognosis of autism describes the developmental course, gradual autism development, regressive autism development, differential outcomes, academic performance and employment. Learning disabilities are also highly comorbid in people with an ASD. Approximately 25–75% of people with an ASD also have some degree of a learning disability. Tuberous sclerosis, an autosomal dominant genetic condition in which non-malignant tumors grow in the brain and on other vital organs, is present in 1–4% of people with ASDs. Repetitive behaviors – Repetitive behaviors such as rocking, hand flapping, finger flicking, head banging, or repeating phrases or sounds. These behaviors may occur constantly or only when the person gets stressed, anxious or upset.

She was taking all the books off a shelf and then putting them back facing every which way. I sat beside her and put one book back on the shelf, and she immediately removed it. Eventually, we were laughing together as we played the “see how creatively you can shelve books” game. Unfortunately, an adult walked by and told us we were doing it wrong and demanded that we immediately put the books back the “correct” way. This is what can be hard for many people to understand about autism and sensory issues. It’s not that the lights are a bit too bright, or the noise is a bit loud. It’s that it’s causing a horrific, painful, worrying, sickening sensation throughout my entire body that is completely overwhelming and unbearable.