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How Many YouTube Subscribers to Make Money?

YouTube is a tough platform for creators to make a living on. Even top earners like

MrBeast only earn a tiny fraction of their income from the platform.

The key is to use multiple revenue streams, focus on the quality of your content, and

grow your audience over time. This will boost your earning potential and help you

achieve your goals faster.


How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Make


It’s possible to make good money on YouTube without having a huge subscriber

base. Just be sure to use ad revenue and other monetization strategies to increase

your earning potential. Also, consider creating a separate channel for affiliate

content. This way you can grow your audience and make money from ad revenue

while still maintaining a consistent personal brand on your main channel.


You can start making money on YouTube as soon as you are accepted into the

YouTube Partner Program. However, it is important to note that the amount of

revenue you can make will depend on your subscribers and video views.

As an example, the educational YouTuber Ali Abdaal currently has around 3 million

subscribers and generates about $60,000 per year in ad revenue. He has also

earned additional income from other monetization strategies, including merch sales

and sponsorships. However, he does not earn enough from ad revenue alone to

replace his day job.


How Many Views Do You Need to Make Money?

Once your channel has been accepted into YouTube’s Partner Program, you can start

making money from ads. It’s important to understand that it isn’t just the number of

views that matters but also the amount of watch time. Ideally, you want to reach at

least 100,000 watch hours per video. This will allow you to earn the most from



However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t hit this goal immediately. Metrics like

views and watch time can be incredibly subjective. It all depends on your niche and

the type of content you make. You can use tools like Social Blade to compare your

stats against other channels in your niche.

UK data scientist Ali Abdaal estimates that a monetized YouTube channel with 1

million subscribers could make $2,000 a month in ad revenue alone. This figure is

based on the assumption that each subscriber watches two videos a week. It doesn’t

take into account other monetization methods such as selling merch or affiliate



How Many Videos Do You Need to Make Money?

While a good subscriber-to-view ratio is important, it is not the only factor to

consider when making YouTube videos. Viewers also need to watch and engage with

your content in order for you to earn money through ads.

If you are a beginner, it may take some time before your channel reaches a point

where you can start earning income from ads. However, if you consistently produce

high-quality videos and work hard to promote your content, you will be rewarded for

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YouTube also offers other ways to make money such as channel memberships,

brand deals, and sponsorships. However, to qualify for these programs you must

have a certain number of subscribers and meet other requirements such as having a

Google AdSense account and no active Community Guidelines strikes. In addition,

YouTube has recently started sharing revenue from shorts ads with creators. This

new monetization strategy allows channels with lower subscriber counts to earn

more money.


How Many Ads Do You Need to Make Money?

There’s no set answer to this question as ad revenue is just one of many ways that

creators can make money on YouTube. However, CreditDonkey estimates that a

YouTuber could make up to $10,000 per week if each of their 1 million subscribers

watched two videos a week. This estimate is based on ad revenue alone, though

other monetization strategies like affiliate links, merchandising, and sponsorships

can also add to your overall earnings.


YouTube has entered the direct support space in recent years with the addition of

memberships and applause, which allow viewers to subscribe to your channel for

additional perks or even tip you during live chats. However, these options are more

complicated than ad revenue and have higher fees attached to them.

Regardless, it’s important to focus on growing your audience and building

engagement rates so that you can earn more as your viewership grows. Once you’re

ready, consider using a channel growth platform to accelerate your monetization